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Amanda helped me heal my gut, which in turn has helped me lead a happier life – it’s no fun when you are in constant discomfort! I had had digestive issues for a while and then they suddenly got worse and were impacting my day to day life. I first got checked by a specialist to ensure nothing more sinister was happening. When I got the all clear and catch all diagnosis of “irritable bowel” I turned to Amanda for help.  She put together a holistic approach for me including diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplements to help heal and get my digestive system back on track. Over time, I have seen significant results and now live without any digestive issues whatsoever. Amanda also helped me get my body in optimum health prior to conceiving our first child, leading to an easy conception and easy pregnancy.  Amanda really knows her stuff and I highly recommend her.

Natalie, 31 years

Amanda is an experienced and approachable naturopath, who is passionate and genuinely wants to help with your health concern and recommend bespoke solutions for your future wellbeing.

Amanda’s knowledge of herbal remedies and supplements is excellent, and has consulted me for general health, pregnancy and post-natal health with fantastic results. I prefer to take a holistic approach to maintaining my families everyday health and wellbeing, and she has provided the best natural remedies for not only myself but also my daughter from birth and husband. I have recommended Amanda to many family members as a result of my wonderful personal experience.

C.H, 31 years

I came to see Amanda to help me with my irregular cycles and PCOS so I could concieve easily once we decided to try for a baby. Amanda prescribed some herbs and supplements, and within the first month of being on the herbs my cycle came down to a normal length, and was considerably less painful. After so long of having very long and irregular cycles I’m absolutely amazed that I’m seeing results already! I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is preparing to conceive to get your body working in peak condition!

Laura, 32 years

I attended consultations with Amanda when we decided to start trying for a baby, after suffering a miscarriage the first time. Amanda was very thorough in her testing and ensured I was as healthy as possible before trying to conceive again, through vitamins and herbs. It was a success! We got pregnant immediately and 9 months later we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. 

I consulted Amanda again after trying for over 6 months to conceive a second baby. This time both my husband and I attended the consultation and again Amanda was able to suggest extra things we could do to improve our chances of conceiving. After 2 months of Amanda’s help my cycle is more regular and I have been able to pinpoint when I am ovulating. When I first started consultations with Amanda this second time I was really despairing and felt like we were not going to be able to conceive again but with her input I am now feeling a lot more positive. 

I would highly recommend seeing Amanda if you are thinking of trying to conceive or having trouble conceiving. 

Are you ready to transform your health?